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  • Beyond Time | Flindt Art

    Creative power Sold Size 60 x 80 cm Oil on canvas Purchase form: include title of work plus this ID: 6564 Kontakt for bestilling i anden størrelse

  • Radiant Autumn | Flindt Art

    Creative power Sold Size 60 x 80 cm Oil on canvas Purchase form: include title of work plus this ID: 6564 Kontakt for bestilling i anden størrelse

  • Realisme | Flindt Art

    Abstrakte Realisme Fantasi

  • Bæredygtighed | Flindt Art

    Hvorfor investere i vores lamper? Flindt er overbevist om, at kvalitet indebærer et holistisk syn på virkeligheden. Hvis vi ser for snævert på tilværelsen, ender vi med at træffe dumme beslutninger, der har konsekvenser. Ikke bare for os selv, men for andre og endda jorden selv. Som ejer af brandet Wilderness Wonders tænker Flindt på miljøet, bæredygtighed og opretholdelse af en sund balance i vores dagligdag. Flindt ønsker, at alle aspekter af Wilderness Wonders' oplevelse er nøje gennemtænkt, så sandhed og gennemsigtighed baner vejen for den dybeste trivsel i sidste ende. Dette afspejles i Wilderness Wonders' lamper. Vi opnår noget utroligt og magisk når vi samarbejder - på samme måde som en skov eksempelvis gør! Bæredygtigt træ plus - du hjælper med at plante nye træer i Danmark! Træer kommunikerer med hinanden og distribuerer ressourcer på en velbalanceret måde, hvor de giver og tager fra hinanden. På samme måde tænker vi, at når vi tager, så giver vi også tilbage. Wilderness Wonders anvender træ fra bæredygtigt forvaltede skove. Dette er fornybart, da skovfogederne forvalter landskabet for at forhindre skader på økosystemer, vandskel, dyreliv og selve træerne, ved at tage et langsigtet snarere end kortsigtet syn på ressourcen. Derudover planter vi nye træer i Danmark for hver lampe, der købes, da vi donerer en del af købsprisen til dette formål. ​ Energibesparende LED lys Det vil sige at lyskilderne i vores produkter er bæredygtige. De holder i længere tid end andre belysningsteknologier. ​ Lampernes æste tiske design & måden de påvirker os positivt Lamperne samt den atmosfære, de skaber, har en beroligende effekt på os. Den naturlige og magiske belysning er med til at harmonisere omgivelserne.

  • Eureka Moment | Flindt Art

    Creative power Kontakt for bestilling i anden størrelse Sold Size 60 x 80 cm Oil on canvas Purchase form: include title of work plus this ID: 6564

  • Om Flindt | Flindt Art

    I have always felt a connection to something greater than myself, but have had difficulty communicating it in words. Do you know how to observe something beautiful and just be totally engrossed in the moment - almost as if time stands still? I call this a portal into the heart. We gain access to something in ourselves that evokes attention and spontaneously lifts the mood. Most often, this experience is enhanced when we share it with other people. ​ A Flindt work is of the highest quality. I have always thought "how can I create a simple but unique experience that lifts the art and my customers to a higher level of aesthetics and insight." All Flindt´'s paintings go through a thoughtful and meditative process, where all the details are cherished. Each painting should give us a unique experience that brings us a little closer to ourselves. ​ It´s my mission to paint a bright future for every living being on this earth. I hope you´ll join me on this exciting adventure. Expanding the scope of what´s possible. I have somewhat af a connection to the universe after many years of struggle with anxiety and depression. It got so bad at one point that I had to retire as a co-creator of a company that looked promising. Instead, I spent some years finding myself. My artwork are therefore an attempt to illuminate that there is more between heaven and earth. I guess thats my bias. ​ "Flindt has always been creative since he was 1 year old and later started at the Rudolf Steiner school in Gentofte. So the creative subject has always been Mathias Flindt's refuge in immersion. Art became a real part of his everyday life when "People began to demand his unique paintings. In a relatively short time, he left his full-time part-time job with Flindt Art." My partner Svend Andressen who has the gallery art house in Frederiksberg It can do anything! - Svend Andresen Contact me Mobile: 61462010 Mail: Facebook: Flindt Art Looking forward to hearing from you Do you ship worldwide? We sure do! Everything Ioniko's studio offers is available for purchase worldwide. Shipping on all orders is free and sent through Scandinavian and international shipping services. Who invests in a Flindt work? We dispatch all orders within 1-2 business days from Copenhagen Denmark. You will receive a tracking number to follow your order all the way. It will take from 5 business days up to 15 days to arrive (international shipping)Nationally in Denmark about 1 - 3 working days. Some countries, remote cities or islands may have longer delivery times. Please get in touch if you need a more exact delivery time for your country/city. Physically, I live in Frederiksberg in Copenhagen. The other address is in Smørum. There you are welcome to come by and see my paintings and pick up your new painting. I would also like to take you out free of charge in case you live in central Copenhagen. If you live further away, I can send the product to you by post. I offer free shipping!If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. How about payment? It is possible to pay with credit card: visa, mastercard etc. Also paypal. What about warranty, how long? " I offer free and without obligation to photoshop the painting on your wall so you can see how it will look. All you need to do is send a picture of the room and wall where you want the painting placed, and floor to ceiling measurements. Send to Border size The size listed in the product description is the final size of the artwork. The artwork itself is printed a bit smaller than the final product size usually. You can read about the size in the product description. What is the best way to contact you? If you have a query about your purchase, please be sure to submit a form through the contact page. I many DMs daily and if you are following up there, it is likely I may miss it! The contact page is to keep everything nice and simple for my team, so we can get back to you as soon as possible. Please ONLY use the contact page and not any email address you may find on this website or social media. Otherwise, we are unable to guarantee a response. Will I get a certificate of authenticity? Originals and limited editions are the only works that arrive with a certificate of authenticity. Will my print be hand-signed? Unfortunately, open edition prints do not arrive hand-signed. The original signature is on the fine art print but will never be available hand-signed. Only limited editions and originals are signed to preserve the integrity of works that increase in value over time. How do I get the most value for my money, with or without a framework? " It is up to you whether you buy with or without a frame is an equally good investment in my opinion. However, the frame can lift the painting and the atmosphere in your home quite a bit, so that the full Flindt experience exists. But no matter which product you invest in, it is a good investment in the short and long term. Please contact me and we will talk about it(: What is it about with light in the frame? Funny story. I sat in Christmas 2021 with a bitter feeling inside. In short, I was dissatisfied with my art. Suddenly, in a deep meditation, I saw an opportunity that could revolutionize art. It resulted in a new and different but unique product which practically raises the art to a new level and it's not just my words. The light makes the painting stand out even more and can also be used as an exclusive lamp in the home. For example in the bedroom. You can adjust the light yourself from your phone and make the work change colors and set the right mood in your home. Do you also make your own frames? Yes! I love carpentry. My father is a carpenter and is allowed to use his personal workshop. In the winter I fire up the heat, find the right wood I bought on the shelf and start cutting all the pieces of wood for the frame. Sometimes I grab a beer but wait a minute!!! Machines and alcohol sound like a REALLY bad combo? Yes, but a single beer makes life a little more fun and focus is sharpened. But I select the wood carefully and really put effort into creating the most beautiful product possible. The details? Yes, the details! What does it look like with the light in the frame  compared to ordinary lighting in the room? As said, it gives character to the painting as well as promoting its naturalness and originality. It is as if much more comes to life and the colors spread in the surroundings, which has a nourishing effect on body and mind. It is illuminated evenly over the entire surface of the painting and can be adjusted in brightness but also in the entire color spectrum. If the neutral 5000 kelvin lighting is too boring for you, you can change the color to, for example, blue, which makes a special impression. How easy is it to adjust the light and how to do it? The light source is Philips Hue, which is the best product on the market so far according to most reviews. You download the Philips Hue app, easily, quickly and for free in the app store (if you have a smart phone) and configure your lighting devices from there. There are numerous options for setting the light. You set it manually or can even download other apps that make the image change color automatically. You can also configure it with music etc. I will help you set it all up and if you have any questions you can always call me and I will guide you through the process. What is the life of the light source? According to Philips Hue 25,000 hours. Approx. 2 years and 8 months. It is possible to replace the light afterwards. This is something I do or you can do it yourself or have someone else do it for you. The price for replacing the light is DKK 0 if you live in Zealand. You just contact me and we'll look into it. I come to your home and change the source at your place or in my own workshop. What about warranty if problems with the light or frame occur? Does it happen that the light suddenly stops working before the life of the light source of approx. 2.8 years or if it doesn't work as it should, of course you get your money back! The same applies if something happens to the frame. If you drop the frame or damage it yourself, it is your own responsibility. What wood is the frame made of and can you get it in different colors as well? The frame is exclusive hardwood cumaru, which is a reddish-brown and very hard-wearing type of wood with a beautiful and varied structure in the wood. In the middle, pine wood forms a fine pattern. If you have any preferences in terms of a specific type of wood you would like the frame to be made in, you can contact me by phone or email and we will find out. The same applies if you want the frame painted in a specific color that is not black or white. How long does the frame last? The material that makes up the frame lasts approx. 25 years outside, then inside and with very little wear and tear, it can last much longer than 25 years. What does the frame cost and what sizes do you make them in? The standard size is 60 X 80 cm. and costs DKK 4,000 excluding the painting itself. The number smaller is 50 X 60 cm. and is the smallest I develop. It costs DKK 3,500 excluding the painting. If you have an idea to have a frame made in a different size, you can contact me by phone or email and we will find out. Is it possible to see what it looks like physically before I buy? Yes of course! I offer 2 weeks free trial hanging in your home. But it requires you to collect and return the work yourself, in which case it is not for you. It is at my address in Copenhagen or Smørm. You can also see my works either at my place or in the art house in Frederiksberg. ​​ Company details: Type: Personally owned small business (PMV) Name: mathiasflindt CVR: 39410214 Physical address: Wilkensvej 26A, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark ​

  • Stargate | Flindt Art

    Abstract Creative power Sold Size 60 x 80 cm Oil on canvas Purchase form: include title of work plus this ID: 6564

  • Lucid Vibes | Flindt Art

    Abstract Creative power Sold Size 60 x 80 cm Oil on canvas Purchase form: include title of work plus this ID: 6564

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